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Hydraulic Jars Type BO and BD Jars

PRODUCT CODE 102: Hydraulic Jars -Type BO and BD Hydraulic Jars - Tool String


Rebco JARS are the main work Tools of a Wireline Tool String; it is through their proper manipulation that all wire line sub-surface operations are possible.

Rebco Hydraulic Jar is used to apply high impact force. The closed hydraulic system within the jar makes it possible for the jarring impact to be controlled. The intensity of the impact is proportionate to the full force on the Wireline and to the weight of Stem. To activate the jars for next jarring impact, setting down the weight of the tool string, the internal metering of the hydraulic fluid sets the jars for activating force. Hydraulic fluid can be substituted to suit the needs of the operator; caution: should prevail to achieve the same end result.

Rebco offers two types of Hydraulic Jars:

1. Type 'BO' Hydraulic Jar - Threaded Connection

2. Type 'BD' Hydraulic Jar - 'QLS' Connections.

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