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Link Jars Type AO, AD and AS Jars

PRODUCT CODE 102: Link Jars -Type 'AO', 'AD' and 'AS' Jars - Tool String


Rebco JARS are the main work Tools of a Wireline Tool String; it is through their proper manipulation that all wire line sub-surface operations are possible. Link Jars consist of two interlocking steel links with a Fishing Neck and Pin-Box connection. The interlocking steel links can be extended or collapsed by manipulating the Wireline at the surface to produce upward or downward jarring. The intensity of jarring impact depends on the weight of the Wireline Stem (PRODUCT CODE 101) installed above the Jar, and the stroke of the Jar as well as the wellbore conditions.

Rebco offers three types of Link Jars:

1. Type 'AO' Link Jar - Threaded Connections.

2. Type 'AD' Link Jar - 'QLS' Connections with 'RQLD'.

3. Type 'AS' Link Jar - 'QLS' Connections with 'RQLS'.

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