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D Dummy Rope Sockets Tool String Otis Halliburton Dummy Rope Socket Baker Camco

Type 'D' Dummy Rope Sockets

PRODUCT CODE 100: D Dummy Rope Sockets - Tool String


Rebco Type 'D' Dummy Rope Sockets are available with threaded or QLS Connections. The advantage of this tool is that it can be attached to other types of tools with Pin connection for variety of Wireline applications.

Additional Types of Rope Sockets available:

Type 'GO' Rope Socket Assembly: 1000520_ Single Conductor Cable Head;

Type 'RC' Rope Socket Assembly: 1001302_ For Capsulated Line;

Type 'SA' Rope Socket Assembly: 1001400_ Swabbing Rope Sockets for Babbitt fill;

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