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RX Running Tool and RXN Running Tool Otis Halliburton RXN Running Tool Camco Rebco

Type 'ROTRX' and 'ROTRXN' Running Tools

PRODUCT CODE 41: ROTRX Running Tools - ROTRXN Running Tools


Rebco Type 'ROTRX' Running Tool is designed to set Types: 'ROTR', 'ROTRN', 'ROTRQ', 'ROTRPT', 'ROTRNT', 'ROTX' and 'ROTXN' Locking Mandrels into its respective Nipple profiles. This Running Tool is generally used to install tubing safety valves in the uppermost Landing Nipples.

Type 'ROTRXN' Running Tool is the same as 'ROTRX' in its function; the difference is that 'ROTRXN' utilizes Retainer Dogs instead of the Lugs to attach the Lock Mandrel.

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