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Link Jars, Hydraulic Jars, Knuckle Jars, Tubular Jars, Spring Jars Otis Halliburton Wireline Jars Tool String Rebco
  • JARS

    PRODUCT CODE 102: JARS - Link Jars, Hydraulic Jars, Knuckle Jars, Tubular Jars, and Spring Jars


    Rebco JARS are the main work Tools of a Wireline Tool String; it is through their proper manipulation that all wire line sub-surface operations are possible.


    Link Jars consist of two interlocking steel links with a Fishing Neck and Pin-Box connection. The interlocking steel links can be extended or collapsed by manipulating the Wireline at the surface to produce upward or downward jarring. |Visit Link Jars |

    Hydraulic Jar is used to apply high impact force. The closed hydraulic system within the jar makes it possible for the jarring impact to be controlled. |Visit Hydraulic Jars |

    Knuckle Jar is similar in design to the Knuckle Joint, the difference being is that the Knuckle Jar in addition to its flexibility is used as a Tubular Jar. |Visit Knuckle Jars |

    Tubular Jar consists of a perforated tube for fluid by-pass, and a mandrel connected to the fishing neck. A telescoping mandrel is extended or collapsed within the tube by manipulating the Wireline at the surface, thus jarring action is produced. |Visit Tubular Jars |

    Spring Jar is a telescoping up-stroke Jar installed below the Stem. The impact force can be predetermined at surface by the Operator with the Calibration Unit shown below. |Visit Spring Jars |

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